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Conscious Ball 2021 Terms and Conditions

Ticketing Conditions:

i) A maximum of ten tickets can be purchased by a single person and the names and emails of the ticket holders must be indicated at the time of purchase.

ii) Tickets are only valid for the person whom they are registered under.

iii) A £5 admin fee will occur for all requests to change the name of the ticket holder up to 1 week before the ball

Iv) The ticket includes transport to and from the venue, at the time indicated on the ticket 

V) Wristbands must be collected prior to the event. 

vi) If one fails to arrive promptly for the departure of the coaches, Conscious Edinburgh will not be responsible and entry to the ball may be prohibited.

vii) All coaches are scheduled to leave the venue from 1am. An earlier coach will be available if there is enough demand.

VIII) You will not be permitted to leave the venue on foot, or by taxi.

IX) A valid proof of age (identification such as a valid passport or drivers license) will be needed in exchange for an alcohol wristband.

x) Conscious Edinburgh do not accept refunds




i) Any people without alcohol wristbands will not be served alcoholic drinks, and if seen with alcoholic drinks will be removed from the premises at their own expenses

ii) Conscious Edinburgh reserve the right to remove any persons from the premises if they are deemed to be a harm to themselves and others with no refund of tickets and transport will not be paid for.

iii) Conscious Edinburgh have a zero tolerance for illicit substance use, any persons found with illegal substances will be removed from the premises and the relevant authorities will be notified. A refund will not be given and transport will not be paid for.

iv) Any violence towards staff or any participants will not be tolerated, and the persons involved will be removed from the premises with no given refund and transport will not be paid for.

v) Accepting these terms and conditions means that the persons will be accountable for any damage they cause, either accidental or intentional damage to the venue, all property on its grounds and the coaches.

vi) Conscious Edinburgh will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property.

vii) Conscious Edinburgh reserve the right to search personal bags and belongings for illegal substances and alcohol. 

viii) Conscious Edinburgh have the right to refuse the service of alcohol to those deemed intoxicated or inappropriate by the bar staff

ix) An individual will only be served a maximum of 2 drinks at any one time.

x) No doubles or shots will be served at the bars.

Conscious Ball 2021 Cancellation policy – Covid-19:

In the event the ball is unable to take place due to imposed restriction due to Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, the event will be postponed and rescheduled to take place at a later date.

A guest with a ticket is able to keep their ticket which can be used in the following rescheduled ball.

If a guest decides to hold on to their ticket for the next ball, we at Conscious would greatly appreciate the support that this gives, and allows us to keep providing mental health services to students.

Requests may be made for a refund if there are extenuating circumstances, and these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Further details will follow in the event that the ball cancelled.

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